Priority Research

Research is a fundamental component to the management of UmPhafa and intensive surveys precede virtually all actions taken on the reserve. However continual data collection is always necessary to monitor conditions in the long-term in order to better understand natural trends and equilibriums within the ecosystem, and to determine if or when certain intervention is necessary.  

Collaboration with other reserves and Universities is very much encouraged at UmPhafa and every year management staff produce a list of priority research areas for which more data is required. For students looking to undertake personal research towards their dissertation or thesis this offers a helpful guide to the possible projects available on the reserve and research proposals from these areas will receive preference.

Download the priority research list below and see our Past Research Projects page to see studies that have been carried out previously. 

 PDF IconDownload the priority research list

To discuss possible collaboration over research data please contact the Conservation Coordinator, Rebecca Perry.


Since its first conception, UmPhafa has seen the return of two large carnivores to the site through free migration; leopard and spotted hyena

Number of species offically recorded on Umphafa

Mammals 49
Birds 186
Reptiles 24
Amphibians 10
Trees 62