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This young African Rock Python was found on a neighbours farm to Colchester Zoo's UmPhafa Reserve. Our staff went to the property to remove it for the safety of the reserve. Pythons are a rare sighting, they are a highly protected...

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The lambing season at our UmPhafa Reserve in South Africa this year has gone far better than we expected or could have hoped for. With the past massive fires ravaging most of the reserve and the late rains we were uncertain...

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UmPhafa truly is a special place and was an experience I will never forget. Whether you have an interest in conservation or just want the adventure of a lifetime spending time with some amazing African animals in their natural habitat, I...

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Colchester Zoo’s UmPhafa Reserve in South Africa is home to hundreds of animals all of which are protected by a team of dedicated staff who patrol the land and monitor their wellbeing on a daily basis. The team come up against...

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UmPhafa supports a diverse range of wildlife species; some of which have been released onto the reserve and others have migrated on to the reserve naturally. In 2015, we conducted a game count by helicopter to get a more reliable overview...

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UmPhafa is located in the foothills of the Drakensberg Mountain Range, a world heritage site

Number of species offically recorded on Umphafa

Mammals 49
Birds 186
Reptiles 24
Amphibians 10
Trees 62