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These beautiful spotted cats are found in areas with long grass, often associated with water. They specialise in preying on small mammals, in particular rodents, but will also eat birds, reptiles and bugs. Servals are commonly recorded from most major national parks...

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By Eden L. Plummer Going on a trip of a lifetime with Essex Abroad, headed by Jan Spalek to UmPhafa Private Nature Reserve was an exciting prospect and has continued to be throughout our stay. Every day we get up there’s...

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The third plant in our threatened flora series is the Soap Aloe, another population which continues to decline, identifying and encouraging the growth of this species on the reserve is incredibly important.  Soap Aloe (Aloe dominella) Known by some as the...

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The second plant in our threatened flora series is the Star Flower, another species of plant which we work hard to identify on the reserve so that we can help it to thrive in the area.  Star Flower (Hypoxis hemerocallidea)...

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Our work at UmPhafa does not just centre on surveying and protecting the wildlife species. Staff are also concerned with identifying and mapping our flora communities. Field Ranger, Anthony Walton, has been working hard to identify the flowering plants on the...

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Since its first conception, UmPhafa has seen the return of two large carnivores to the site through free migration; leopard and spotted hyena

Number of species offically recorded on Umphafa

Mammals 49
Birds 186
Reptiles 24
Amphibians 10
Trees 62