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Intern Katie shares her UmPhafa Journey!

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intern1UmPhafa Reserve's latest intern explains why she decided to apply for the programme and how the internships are not just for those looking for a future career in conservation but also for those with a love of a nature, looking for an adventure! 

Name: Katie Murdoch

Occupation: Water Treatments Manager for Essex and Suffolk Water

Age: 31

Home Town:  Chelmsford, UK

intern2''I found out about placements at UmPhafa through the Colchester Zoo website. I travelled out to the reserve for four weeks in April 2015 to enjoy new experiences and so that I would contribute something worthwhile while having a nice long break from work.

I'm a water treatment works manager so this placement isn't at all related to my day job and it has been a fantastic experience. I've particularly enjoyed having the opportunity to explore the reserve on foot and learning much more detail about the animals and their tracks and behaviours than I ever would going on a 'holiday safari'.

On one of our days off we went to the Drakensberg area and visited a reptile centre where I held tarantulas, an alligator and various snakes including a boa constrictor which was fantastic although a little unnerving!''

For more information on UmPhafa Rerve internship and how you can apply, click here.  

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UmPhafa is located in the foothills of the Drakensberg Mountain Range, a world heritage site

Number of species offically recorded on Umphafa

Mammals 48
Birds 143
Reptiles 18
Amphibians 11
Trees 54