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In March 2018, we decided to try and improve one of the wetland areas on the reserve. This area on our southern boundary and next to the river was once used as a crop circle growing Rye. Over the years it’s...

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On Friday 31stAugust we saw the introduction of 41 new impala onto the reserve! This was made up of 2 adult males, 1 sub adult male, 31 adult females, 2 juvenile males and 5 juvenile females. We are hopeful that many...

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We have seen a record number of 92 interns visiting the reserve this year!  We welcomed 39 students from Essex University, Writtle University College and East Coast College, with the remaining 53 made up of interns visiting the reserve for placements...

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We are looking for someone who would like to join our team for 6-12 months, who will help to ensure the smooth operation of UmPhafa on a day-to-day basis. This can include anything from working with the short-term interns, assisting the...

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Here’s an amazing video created by Camilla Brotons, who interned with us in July 2018. You’ll see some day to day life on the reserve, game counts, animal monitoring, bush clearing and tracking walks. There is also some footage taken on the interns...

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The area of UmPhafa has one of the highest ecological carrying capacities in the whole of South Africa

Number of species offically recorded on Umphafa

Mammals 50
Birds 240
Reptiles 26
Amphibians 11
Trees & Plants  443