Research Aims

"To undertake research on the flora and fauna of UmPhafa in order to provide credible data beneficial to the future management of South African Game Reserves"


Research is vital for conservation purposes; it enables scientists to learn about species both biologically and behaviourally, additionally it provides an insight into the status of the species. From this research, suitable projects to manage and conserve species can be implemented. There are many areas of research required for the UmPhafa Private Nature Reserve. As it was previously managed as cattle farms, there is little knowledge of the area. Due to this, studies into both the habitat and the species that reside there need to be undertaken. Conservation placement interns and dissertation students are essential in conducting much of the research on the reserve. 

Through collaboration and data sharing with other institutes and protected areas, UmPhafa endeavours to ensure that the results of this research are far reaching and contribute to both local and national conservation initiatives. 

UmPhafa has a wide and diverse range of habitat types, from grassland to bushveld and open woodlands.

Number of species offically recorded on Umphafa

Mammals 50
Birds 240
Reptiles 26
Amphibians 11
Trees & Plants  443